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Keller Williams Placester Site

Keller Williams has provided their realtors with some great tools to get started, such as Placester.

With the ability to display your own listings to your viewers, your website can focus on improving your business and your income.

Let DevObal take that tool and give it a beautiful new look and maximize it’s potential.


While you have been provided with a website using Placester, who has the time to sit
and design a website when you know you need to be out selling houses?

Within Placester you can choose from 6 individual templates. We can take the base
website that is provided from Keller Williams and make the most of it using the the given tools.



View the starting templates














The Process

Once your payment is made you will receive an email with your receipt and any additional information required.

One simple form and we take care of the rest.

Contact our Business Development Specialist with any questions at 888.414.5141 ext 110 or by email at SEngland@DevObal.com