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The DevObal Event Management System provides an organization or company with the ability to schedule internal events for employees or external events for out-of-the-network participation. By making it easier for your attendees to register, you can grow your attendance and reach more people than you could have imagined before. With the ability to mimic your current site and white-label the system, people will never need to know that you use a separate technology that isn’t already tied into your own website.

You’ll find the ability to create events that contain dates, location, ticket information, grades and attendance. Only events that you want to display to the public will be shown. The remaining ones will only be visible to your administrators and staff that you select. Your individual attendees will be able to register themselves while Group Admins will be able to register entire groups or organizations and bill them all together making invoicing easier than ever.

Create email templates that will keep your attendees informed and on top of what’s going on. These templates can be tailored to your organization and white labeled just like the Event Manager itself. These include templates for invoices, attendance confirmations and anything else you may need. By using tokens we’ve managed to make the email templates personal to each user or organization. The more personable you are with your attendees the more likely they are to attend your next event.

The Event Manager will help you keep up with your previous, present and future events and their registrations with attendance. You can also give out grades if your needs require a classroom experience. Payment for each class can be taken through the system along with invoicing by user or by group.

Who can use The Event Manager?


Training sessions with new employees.

Continued Education for advancing employees.


Concerts for multiple venue locations.

Events for a city or company


Run/Walk events for fund raising.

Volunteer Scheduling.

Fund raising dinners.



Vendors need to gain access as a vendor.

Staff need to confirm their times.

Volunteers ensuring they will be available

Planning/Committee Meetings



We have tested our work beyond the normal limits. A team of testers and developers have scrutinized every detail to ensure your attendees and admin staff have a wonderful experience.


Our CORE360 Event Manager provides advanced features that you won't find in other systems. Working one-on-one with users of the software, the system has been developed based on actual users' needs and experiences.


If Something does happen, don't worry we're here for you. Our support team will do their best to ensure your issue is resolved as soon as possible in a friendly and comfortable manner.


The CORE360 Event Management System has a suite of capabilities that will empower any company or organization
to create and organize events on a program basis.


    Users of the system can search for and register for events. They can view full details of the event along with specific ticket information.


    Organization level allows an administrator to register an entire group of users at once and pay for them as a whole or individually.


    The highest level that allows controlling all aspects of the CORE360 Event Management System such as creating events and programs and approving users as an Organization Admin.


    Send customized emails to users for event reminders and registration status. Send out customized Certificates for classes or events that require proof of completion.


    Allow registrants to pay by Credit/Debit Card, Check, Cash or Invoice. They may also make multiple payments towards one registration.


    Run reports on your events based off of multiple criteria that can be exported to Excel for your company's records.